7 popular video editing software for windows 10

video editing software

Video is one of the popular ways of expression as well as communication. There is a wide range of people who have gained popularity for recording vlogs. Simultaneously, they share their experiences and knowledge on Youtube to boost their online business.

Although there are different types of best video editing software for Windows 10 available, the ones who are beginners in the world of editing might be confused about it.

Free video editing software

Free video editing software programs are either too user friendly to meet the requirements or too complex for comprehending the workflow. For instance, some of the software might lack color correction as well as audio editing features.

Below is a list of commonly used free video editing software. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most common free video editing software amongst users. The users can easily make home movies by simply following the drag and drop method. It constitutes features such as Auto Movie, video effects, timeline narration, the addition of titles/credits as well as an audio track.

After completion of video editing, the videos can be easily shared on various social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube as well as Facebook. This software can be easily installed and operated.

  1. Avidemux

This software is specifically designed for encoding, simple cutting as well as filtering on Windows 10. It can be easily used in different file types such as MP4, AVI, ASF as well as DVD compatible MPEG files with the help of various codecs.

The interface of this video editing software for windows 10 is very convenient and it is devoid of the timeline so the users cannot add transitions as well as filters. The entire design of Avidemux is that most of the functions can be used practically not for trendy purposes.

If you have fundamental needs, this video editing software for Windows 10 can fulfill your requirements. One of the best things is that it can be used easily and beginners who have just stepped into the world of editing software can learn to use this software easily.

  1. Free Video Editor

If you are looking for free video editing software with multiple features then you should go for this app since this is already pre-installed in Microsoft Windows so the users are not required to download it. If you don’t find it, the installation can be done from the Microsoft store.

This convenient free video editing software can easily transform images into videos under the default automatic video mode which would consume less time if you refrain from editing.

The custom video mode can be used easily for 3D effects, trimming, text motion, resizing the video, adding filters as well as changing the volume of the audio. However, it doesn’t constitute a timeline and some of the advanced features like video stabilization effects, split tools, as well as green screens, are missing.

  1. Open source video editor

This is another free editing software that provides basic video editing features such as slicing as well as trimming. It offers different audio effects and transitions to make simple yet attractive videos.

This video editor software offers multiple video tracks in the timeline. The users are free to add as many audio clips and videos as they want. It constitutes video effects as well as tile templates so for more touches on the video, this app can be an ideal choice.

To edit audio, it is recommended to use waveform for the visualization of audio. It constitutes 70+ languages. This free video editor tool is updated from time to time so the users can use the latest editing technology.

However, the users are required to fix bugs or other issues on their own since it’s an open-source editor and the video effects are not diverse.

  1. VSDC Video Editor

It has lots of features and it is a free tool. There are numerous filters, color correction abilities, transition effects as well as overlays. The platform is made keeping in mind the requirements of different people so that they have an enriching editing experience and even beginners can freely work without any hurdle on their creative media projects.

The broader format helps in handling all the common media files conveniently. Some users take the help of the built-in video conversion tools for converting the format of video/ audio into another format.

It falls in the category of non-linear tools which means the video clips can be placed in the timeline freely. It is also filled with functions such as exporting the video to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram which makes it more useful. Editing HD videos is also possible.

  1. VideoPad Video Editor

This is one of the most preferred video editing software for beginners. Although its free version puts a certain limit to the video exploring the option for two formats of the file. The interface of this app doesn’t consume much time for learning to use it. It suits the requirements of inexperienced editors.

This is user friendly, intuitive, easy to use as well as a feature-rich video editing platform. It is common amongst beginners since it facilitates features such as transition effects, drag and drop timeline as well as different speed adjustment features.

If you are fond of transitions and constitute different video clips then this app can offer 50+ transition effects. After applying different transitions, adjust video speeds for making a faster or slower video effect.

Most users record narration for making more detailed videos which becomes a bonus for gamers. Moreover, this video editing software can’t be used for making a slideshow so that you might need help from another app.

  1. Kdenlive

This app is considered to be an open-source video editing software that is quite compatible with Linux, Windows as well as Mac. This app helps in combining the simplicity of basic level video editing with the advanced features which are used by proficient editors and professionals.

Being a free video editing tool, it is common on Linux but now it can be easily used on Windows. It constitutes a multiple track timeline so it becomes more convenient to import different audio as well as video clips on the timeline.

You can also take backup of your file easily, in a way it eliminates the risk of missing your important files. From the community as well as an online forum, users are free to shoot any questions or queries since a support team is there to assist them.


Anyone can easily create attractive professional-looking videos. The only thing users are required is to find the right tool for themselves. While talking about video editing software, there are innumerable options available on the web.

Although it’s good to have different choices, it might consume a lot of time to find the appropriate one which would fulfill all your requirements. One of the primary issues with such video editing software is that beginners take some time to learn to operate its various functions. Through proper learning about its functionality, one can take their passion for videography forward, finding a video editing software that is beginner-friendly is a daunting task.

Apart from its easy interface some of the different aspects such as its compatibility with the price, support, operating system along features are also important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

 Which video editing software is best for Windows 10?

Cyber link Power Director 365 is one of the popularly used video editing software which offers a free trial to the users. It constitutes an array of different video editing tools along with access to the versatile Shutter stock library. Every user is allowed to use it free for 30 days.

Does Windows 10 come with video editing software?

 Windows 10 doesn’t come with a per-installed video editing tool. However, it is recommended to the users for using the Windows store to search for a video editing tool according to their requirements.

What do You Tubers use to edit their videos?

A: The three most commonly used video editing software amongst You Tubers are Adobe Premiere Pro CC, i Movie as well as Final Cut Pro. Generally, the last one is considered suitable for beginners who have just started creating video content. The first one is preferable for Mac OS users.

Which video editing software is best for beginners?

Video Pad is a free video editing tool that is specifically designed by NCH software for Android, iOS, Mac as well as Windows users. The app features an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it suitable for beginners who have just entered the world of multimedia and are taking video marketing forward.

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