Amanda Marcum: Complete Information of Her Life!

Amanda Marcum

Being In the modeling career, Amanda Marcum is successfully established her professional career in modeling. She is one of the most popular and demanding models. She is best known for her physical appearance and charming look within the audience. Here in this article, we are going to discuss every single life aspect of Amanda Marcum. If you are interested to know about all the single details of life then you need to read the article to the bottom.

Numerous people choose different types of ways to get success in their lives. Hence she chooses the best career option for her which is Modeling and became very much popular. She is tremendously a gorgeous lady and a former American fashion model. She worked on numerous ramps and represent lots of Big Designers.

She even appeared for the big American fashion shows like a model and represents numerous newcomer designers and popular designers together. At present, the current age of this former American fashion model is 46 years old. And besides that, Amanda Marcum is married to Andy Enfield who was a popular basketball coach. There are a lot more things to discuss in her life. And we are going to simply elaborate on each one of the things of her life with all of you in detail.

Amanda Marcum: Family Life and More

Apparently, there is no valid information is available on the family background of this popular model. People do not know about the names of her parents and siblings. The fans of her do not know any of her family members are alive or not. Apart from that, she is a married woman and successfully leads her married life. Besides that, Amanda Marcum Enfield is married to a popular Basketball coach named Andy Enfield. During the tournament of NCAA In the year 2003 for the first time the couple met with each other.

After successfully been the relationship for 6 months, they decide to tie the knot with each other. Additionally, both Amanda Marcum Enfield and her husband are still today leading a happy married life with each other. Besides that, they are blessed with three beautiful children. She has two daughters and a lovely son the names of her daughters are Alia and Lily. Subsequently, the name of his son is Mercum. Moreover, all of the five members of the Enfield family lead happy family status. Both Enfield and Marcum are doing their best to secure the future of their kids and want to provide the best kind of things that they can.

On the other side, it is very much difficult to offer all the best things for all of those three kids. All of the three kids of Enfield are in their teenage. Amanda Marcum maxim Is a successful model and a dedicated mother to their kids equally. She successfully handled her professional career and her personal career together.

Amanda Marcum: Physical Statistics

As it is very much common to be in the profession of modeling you need to be very attractive physically body and need to maintain a strict diet chart. Therefore, Amanda Marcum maxim also follows all the strict rules to be fit and fine in her professional career. Besides that, she also has an attractive physical body. And here we are going to share every single detail about her physical statistics. Those who are interested to know about the physical statistic of this particular female model can read out our paragraph.

The accurate height of this particular popular female model is 5 feet and 8 inches. She is nearly about 62 kilos. Moreover, the physical measurement of her body is 34 26 36. She is a gorgeous lady with dark brown eyes and blond hair. The charming look of her always takes the attention of the people around her. She always flaunts a magnificent look whenever she appeared in public events and fashion shows. It is used to be said that she was a born model.

Amanda Marcum: Career

Right now this is a gorgeous lady is a former fashion model of America. At the age of 16, she started her professional career in modeling. Besides that, she was the showstopper for numerous Top Publications and some of the publications are Elle, vogue, and maxim. For her profession, she often travels a lot. Besides that, she travels from the midwest to Paris, to the ultimate destination and the capital of France to shine her modeling career. Initially, she looked for work in France in the modeling profession at a good cost.

Subsequently, she has to struggle a lot of time in our life to get the ultimate achievement and a successful modeling career. Moreover, she has spent a lot of time of her to get the ultimate chance from the top-class Publications of France. She makes herself unique from other modelers and stands out as the best. As we already told that she worked for top-class publications and work with them for many years.

The most popular publications were Maxim, Gear, Vogue, and Elle. Side by side, she was the Top class model for many magazines in her career. Initially, she also advertised many Ads for buffalo jeans and L’oreal. But after her marriage, she successfully becomes the mother of three beautiful children. To take care of them and to provide the best love of a mother, she has to resign from her profession. Right now she is only a homemaker and takes care of her children and husband.

Amanda Marcum: Social Media

This popular and beautiful former supermodel is not so active on social media platforms. However, she often uses big platforms to connect with her audiences and fans. She has an account on Facebook but the profile of her Facebook is private. Only the close members and family relatives can see all the activities and pictures of her. According to the sources, she regularly updates her social media platform Facebook by posting numerous pictures. But unfortunately, all her followers and fans do not get the chance to see them. The fans of her eagerly awaited to get all the personal information and daily activities through the social media platforms.

Amanda Marcum: Hobbies and Favorite Things

Some of the favorite hobbies of this former supermodel are singing, dancing, and traveling a lot. Besides that, she likes to eat all the healthy things throughout the whole day. Subsequent to remain happy, fit, and fine. However, nowadays she is not anymore a professional model. But still today she is not addicted to eating junk foods as she likes to maintain a healthy body.

Amanda Marcum: Husband Andy Enfield

The name of her husband is Andy Enfield and he was a popular Basketball coach. In the year 1969, he was born in Pennsylvania, the USA on 8th June. He had been appointed for Trojan basketball men’s teams. Besides that, he did coaching for several teams. And some of the popular teams were Florida Gulf Coast, Boston Celtics, Florida State, and Milwaukee Bucks. In the year 2013, he became the head coach of USC. In the same year, he owned the title of the Atlantic Sun tournament. Besides that, he successfully finished his MBA from the University of Maryland. He was considered one of the top best Basketball coaches in his professional career.

Amanda Marcum Enfield: interesting facts

Now let us quickly know some of the interesting facts about Amanda Marcum.

  • She is right now in her 40s.
  • She is a successful woman and a successful mother equally.
  • Currently, she takes care of every member of a family including the three children and her husband.
  • She is a tall lady with an approximate height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

Amanda Marcum: net Worth

From her modeling career she every year manages to earn 10 million dollars. Besides that, by doing advertisements and endorsements she also earns a lot of money from her profession.

Bottom lines

Therefore, here we try to conclude every single significant piece of information about Amanda Marcum. We hope all this information helped you all to know the supermodel more.


Is Andy Enfield still married?

Yes, of course, Andy Enfield is still married to Amanda Marcum. They are successful in leading a happy and healthy relationship. They are successfully maintaining their married life with three beautiful kids.

How old is Amanda Enfield?

According to 2022, the present age of Amanda Enfield is 46 years of old. However, still, she manages to hold the gorgeous look and attractive physic.

Who is Andy Enfield’s wife?

If you are interested to know the name of Andy Enfield’s wife then we want to let you all know the name quickly. The name of Andy and fills wife is Amanda Enfield.

How much does Andy Enfield make?

According to 2018, Andy Enfield earns every year around 3.1 million dollars from his coaching profession in Basketball.

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