Arrow boards: 6 reasons why they are a must in traffic control


Australian motorists are no stranger to the arrow board. Whether it be on the way from work or heading to a big event, they seem to pop up just when we really want to get somewhere. Sure, they may be frustrating for some, but they are an integral part of Australian industry, designed to keep motorists and pedestrians safe when works are underway.

With this in mind, here are a six reasons why they continue to be of amazing benefit to Australian industry in 2023:

  • They are super easy to transport

The best arrow board for sale is one that can be easily mounted to a trailer, making them incredibly mobile and efficient for construction teams. The displays are fixed with a mast attached to their trailer, and the display is fully rotatable on its axis, meaning you don’t have to move the trailer to rotate the signage.

  • They are easy to operate & control

Tradies know just how frustrating it is to operate difficult onsite equipment. Unlike other roadwork signage, this essential technology is renowned for its easy operation and control.

With simple push button technology and an LED status indicator for onsite programming, this technology is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and a breeze to operate!

What’s more, it is fixed with a hydraulic motor designed to operate the raise and lower function, once again removing any need for manual work to display the signage.

  • It has multiple configurations

The display’s lighting can easily be configured to display various arrows including single, double configurations as well as lights. Configurations simply programmed based on the traffic conditions. For example, double arrow configuration may be used if it is unsafe to travel directly through the intersection and the motorist must turn away.

A single configuration may be used to point right to indicate a lane closure, showing the motorist to merge into another lane. Essentially, this technology is designed to accommodate the different traffic conditions, making it a breeze for workers to use when they need to indicate changing conditions.

  • It is eco-friendly technology

When selecting this vital traffic control technology, it is vital to consider its environmental impact. This technology can operate without leaving a hefty carbon footprint, ensuring it is updated with the changing demand of industry and its environmental impact.

You don’t need to run power cords to operate the technology, as they utilise a 120 watt solar power system, ensuring they don’t require external power or fuel to operate. The highly visible lanterns consume only small amounts of power without dimming, ensuring they are also a great choice for sites without a generator or external power source.

  • They are incredibly visible

This technology is incredibly visible just as it should be, being fitted with high-power lights that can be easily seen from afar. Motorists always have plenty of time to view the display and take the right action whether it be turning or merging into another lane.

The bright, amber lighting on the display contains an automatic brightness control setting, ensuring they can always be easily seen regardless of dark or gloomy conditions.

  • They are just the safest option for construction & roadwork

Regardless of their application, construction and roadwork firms continue to benefit from this incredible technology. The safest option for directing traffic during a building process, they will continue to be there to annoy and irritate drivers but for all the right reasons – they are a necessity and one of the most imperative pieces of traffic control tech on the Australian market!