What You Should Know About Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles is one of the most popular Korean dramas on Netflix. The distinct characteristics and story of Korean entertainment have taken the world into a storm without any doubt. The Arthdal Chronicles is one of those TV series that got massive success from its viewers.

The chronicles of the arthdal series are based on the Romance fantasy genre. The fantastic storyline, helpful content has amazed people from its start. One of the most exciting things about this TV series is its connection with mythology. The touch of mythology has made it more interesting.

The regular viewers of this TV series are waiting for its next season. The next series could be released in recent years, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is getting late.

To get an overview of its previous seasons and the upcoming season, read the article till its end.


The story of arthdal chronicles is based on love, tragedy and ambition. Here the lead characters on this series are destined to continue fighting about what they want in the city of arthdal.

The first character of this series is Ta-Gon, the elder son of San Woong. He is known as the leader of the arthdal union. However, being the most powerful character in this TV series, he paved the way for the city to be a prosperous nation in the world.

Apart from that, the people of Arthadal gave him respect, and even they dared to ask a question for this character. Tagon has the ambition to be the first king of arthdal.

Yeun Seum is another most crucial character in this TV series. But he was destined with the ambition of destruction of the same country. As he grew up, he had to face all the adversities of arthdal. His mother fought a lot against those to raise him. Many years later, he came back to arthdal to fulfil his dream of destroying arthdal.

Tan-ya is another negative character of this TV Series. She was the daughter of Yul Son. She also wanted to eradicate Arthdal. She also has another identity that is announced as the spiritual mother of people of a lark.

Another character name of this TV series is Taeal-ha, the daughter of Hae Tribe Chief, Mi Hol. In the TV series of Arthdal Chronicles, she has no bound for her ambition.

Arthdal Chronicles Cast 

The producer of the same TV has designed the show with some of the most popular TV artists who worked at their best. The stellar cast of the show includes Joong-ki, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-Bin.

You may know Song-Joong-ki for his lead role in the famous drama Descendants of the Sun’. Did you see ‘The Friend’ and ‘Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War’? Jang-Dong Gun got his popularity for these two above shows. Another superstar Kim Ji Won, we can see similarities in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Fight For My Way’ in the front of Arthdal Chronicles.

Arthdal Chronicles Story Background 

The famous drama Arthdal Chronicles was finished a long time ago. You may have forgotten about the details of this show. From here, you will be getting a quick overview of the same performance. Let’s see what is this actually:

The story of Arthdal Chronicles is imagined to be held in a mythical place named arth as the whole story is based on the struggle and romance scenes of the same place.

As discussed before, one lead character of the same story is Ta-Gon. You can see him struggle against the most powerful and influential person of the tribe. He always wanted to be the first king of the country and to make it an example to other countries as well.

A Gist Plot Summary Of The Series 

In its first season, you can see these three lead characters appropriately introduced in the plot. Apart from that, it gives the viewers a clear understanding of the livelihood of Arthdal. Apart from that, you can understand the motivation and ambition of the three lead roles from the first season as well.

In the first plot, you can see Eun Seum cursed to carry bad luck for the Birthday. His mother also faced the same hardships to raise him. Another role in this TV series is Tan-ya, a girl. But she was not any ordinary resident of the same place. Instead, she was the heir of the Wuhan tribe.

She was also born with the same fortune as Yeun Seku. But later, she aimed to be a strong politician of the same country. As usual, Ta-Gon was a brave warrior of Arthdal. But he desired to be the first king of Arthdal.

Season 2 Overview Of Arthdal Chronicles 

In the birthday chronicles, season 2, you can see Ta-Gon still fighting to reach his ambition. But there were two rivals – Kim Ju Won and Kim Ok Bin. They were also looking for the same post. The season two episodes continue as a fight against these three rivals while covering the story of another two lead roles. Yeun Seum and Tan-Ya were fighting as well to bring peace in Arth.

I hope this information will be enough for you to get an overview of Arthdal Chronicles. To get a more thrilling experience, you should check the episodes of this TV series or follow the article. I hope their plot, story and background will touch you closely. You can get the episodes from Netflix. So, download Netflix and enjoy the streaming of Arthdam Chronicles.

The Show Of Arthdal Chronicles may come back with new seasons 

The first season of Arthdal Chronicles was named ‘Children Of Prophecy’. It started in 2019 and was a massive success on the platform. The fast season consisted of 6 episodes, and later, it was renewed with a new season. In a short period, the show became a huge success.

The Arthdal Chronicles season 2 released on 22nd June and name was ‘ The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land’. Finally, on September 3, it released some episodes in season 3. The producer of Arthdal Season 3 has made some announcements regarding season 4.

Still, there is no news about the shooting of its fourth episode. In Korea and the West part, the show is top-rated, and all the voters are waiting for its new episodes.

However, there are rumours that birthday chronicles season 4 will return with some thrilling episodes. Now, wait for its season 4 episodes as anything about season 4 Arthdal chronicles is noticed till the date.

Possible Plot For Arthdal Season 4

As Arthdal Chronicles is a period drama, season 4 may come as soon as possible. You can see Season 3 of Arthdal Chronicles that started with an overwhelming reception of Tan-Ya in Arthdal. In that case, she demanded to get Ta-Gon and Tahella to end their bargain.

Miho, another role in the series, informed Ta-Gon of some crucial information about being the king. Following the steps, Ta-Gon had achieved everything that he wanted to get.

In that case, season 4 can snout the fascinating power in Arthdal. There is also an incomplete story for Tanya. Let’s wait for season 4 to see how far Tan-Ya can go and the latest secret of Ta-Gon.

The Arthdal Chronicles scenes are furnished with critical elements such as modern-day life chores, political and economical arrangements, etc. You can see everything about forming a nation from this TV series. The shows of Arthdal Chronicles started with some primitive lifestyle, but soon it took a revolution and turned into a civilised land. Everything of today’s livelihood chores is related to the series that ranges between romance, struggle, politics and ambitions.

 A Trailer Of Arthdal Chronicles Can Give You A Flashback On Its Previous Episodes 

I hope you also made a habit of watching the episodes of Arthdal Chronicles. It was a major hit, so most of us are waiting for its season 4 Arthdal to chronicle Netflix episodes. Here the trailer of Arthdal Chronicles can give you a mesmerising flashback on its previous episodes. Let’s see it here.

Possible Casts For Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 

Cast for any particular season depends on the director’s preference. In some circumstances, if the directors get changed, Arthdal chronicles season 1 episode 13 may also vary. Like in Arthdal Chronicles, there was a different director for seasons 1 and 2. But they did well to present us with beautiful scenes for the Arthdal Chronicles.

This reminds you that there will be no changes like Arthdal chronicles, episode 13. Instead, the director can add some new characters to the episodes. This is expected that the show will leave a mark as usual.

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Final Word

Now, at the end of this article, it can be said that you enjoyed it and expect to have Arthdal Chronicles with new episodes. Keep your eyes on the channel to see further announcements about the show. Waiting for such a long time is bitter, but you will get some fruitful results surely.

FAQs About Arthdal Chronicles

Is Arthdal Chronicles Season 4?

There are no further announcements for Arthdal Chronicles Season 4. However, the viewers are waiting for its latest season. There is still no news about the shooting of season 4. Hopefully, there will be some announcement for Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 very soon.

Is Arthdal chronicles a real story?

The Arthdal Chronicle is a fiction that is based on romance, war, politics and ambition. There are three lead characters on Arthdal Chronicles continuously fighting for their purpose in the land of Arthdal.

Were Arthdal Chronicles Cancelled?

Three seasons of Arthdal Chronicles have been released. Each season consists of 6-7 main episodes. There was a rumour about its season 4 episodes to be released in the same year. But dye to covid 19 backdrops, further announcements are stopped.

Why did the Arthdal Chronicles stop?

The production of Arthdal Chronicles had announced that due to the covid 19 pandemic, they are going to close their shooting. Still, no further notice is given about its upcoming episodes.