How to fix [pii_email_cffa9a58460de6a338ef] error?


Have you ever seen the error [pii email cffa9a58460de6a338ef]? It’s a typical problem that many people face while trying to send or receive emails using their Outlook accounts. A lack of network connectivity is the most typical cause of this problem.

However, probably the problem isn’t always caused by a lack of network connectivity. Numerous other arguments point to the inaccuracy in question.

However, knowing that Pii’s errors may be eradicated swiftly and easily utilizing basic techniques is heartening. We’ll go over the various causes that contribute to the [pii email cffa9a58460de6a338ef] error, as well as the exact ways you’ll need to fix it, in this article.

What is [pii_email_cffa9a58460de6a338ef] error?

MS Outlook is a private info manager. It is a Microsoft-controlled software network. Microsoft Outlook is most commonly associated with the Microsoft Office suite. MS Outlook comes with various features.

Task control, note-taking, internet browsing, journal keeping, and calendaring are few of the basic functions.

The following are some of the important features of MS Outlook:

  • Assists you with email planning.
  • New meetings, assignments, appointments, and contacts can all be scheduled.
  • Allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts
  • Catching a glimpse of messages as a source of comfort
  • Allows you to quickly send emails to the same sectors.
  • This page allows you to share calendars.
  • Extremely useful for task management

Pii is for Personally Identifiable Information in its entire form. They happen as a result of mistyped port numbers, insecure connections, and authentications. The following are the main components that lead to all of Pii errors:

  • Issue with the SMTP server,
  • Inaccuracy in the setup
  • There is a chance that the program will decline.

What are the Reasons that are causing [pii_email_cffa9a58460de6a338ef] error?

The following are the various causes of the error:

  • If a person logs into several accounts without clearing the cache and cookies, the error may appear.
  • It could also be the result of a faulty Microsoft Outlook installation on the device.
  • The issue appears in Outlook when it is launched, and it could be caused by a lack of updating to the most recent version.
  • The user may not always be able to identify the problem. In such cases, the support team will assist in determining the problem.

Ways to fix error [pii_email_cffa9a58460de6a338ef]

It is crucial to find a viable and practical answer to a person’s dilemma. The four simple methods for solve the error and pop-up problems are follows:

1. Updating of the Microsoft Outlook

The user’s failure to update to the most recent version could be the initial flaw.

  • Check the present version of Outlook is compatible with your computer or laptop. Update new Outlook and delete the previous version.
  • Your files will be obtained in the new version after update the previous version.
  • If you install a new version of Microsoft Office, you may need to back up your important files.
  • Choose a file transfer method that is simple and quick. If the error persists, contact Outlook’s customer care team.

2. Clearing the cookies and cache

Another common mistake made by users is not cleaning their cookies and cache.

  • To remove the Outlook cookies and cache, go to the File and Options menu and select Clear Outlook Cookies and Cache.
  • You log out of your Microsoft Outlook accounts. If you have several accounts, log out them.
  • Restart the laptop and turn it back. Log in to your Microsoft account.
  • If the problem continues, use the third option to resolve the problem.

3. Choosing an auto repair tool

It is a tool that assists with the automatic correction and repair of Microsoft Outlook problems.

  • Check out the control panel and the tool’s function configuration to learn about the software.
  • Turn on Office 365 and select Microsoft for the repair.
  • Change the button at the start of the program to the type of remedy you require.
  • Select a fix and then follow the instructions on the window’s screen. Consider using the online version of the repairing tool.
  • Microsoft Outlook should be restarted. Contact the technicians if the app does not operate.

4. Removing third party email application

Multiple email applications can sometimes cause Microsoft Outlook to malfunction.

  • It’s caused by a disagreement between two email programs, which causes problems whenever someone uses it.
  • To provide an efficient working environment, untrustworthy sources or third-party applications must be removed.
  • Check if the error has been repaired by reopening Microsoft Outlook.

A noticeable issue in different users’ functional devices could be due to a variety of factors. To check out the errors, and it’s best to use simple and workable methods. If not, customer help is available 24/7!


If you’ve been getting the [pii email cffa9a58460de6a338ef] error for a while, the information above should help you resolve it. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to log into your Outlook account with ease.

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