How to start the diagnostic mode of the frigidaire dishwasher?

frigidaire dishwasher

Dishwashers are considered an essential part of any kitchen, so it’s significant to make sure if they are functioning properly. Irrespective of issues such as failure of the system or power outage, there is a wide range of other reasons that Frigidaire dishwashers might need to be reset.

The first and foremost step is comprehending the error code which is being displayed on your machine. Next, you are required to tap on the off button which is present on your dishwasher. At times users switch off their circuit breaker to reset their machine.

 How to reset the frigidaire dishwasher?

It’s very easy to reset the frigidaire dishwasher. The below-mentioned steps would guide you to reset your machine:-

#1. The first and foremost step includes pressing the cancel button for a minimum of three seconds. The cancel button lies on the far right side of your control panel.

To reset the frigidaire dishwasher, holding the button until the display of the light changes or disappears is recommended. This is the most simple way to shut off the dishwasher without the disconnection of the power.

Although lingering lights don’t equal any mechanical issue within the dishwasher. If the user has just finished washing a lot of dishes, you would be indicated with ‘green indicator which would remain on after opening the door.

#2. Before switching on your dishwasher, you are required to wait for at least 5 minutes. It is recommended to keep your dishwasher switched off for some minutes before tapping on the ‘start’ button for 2-3 seconds. On a few models, the location of the ‘start’ button is on the upper half of the machine’s cancel button.

After the frigidaire dishwasher reset procedure is successful, then there would be no more display of error code. At times the start button lies on the right side of your control panel.

#3. If turning your dishwasher off doesn’t solve your issue, then it is recommended to switch off your circuit breaker. Finding the circuit breaker which provides power to the Frigidaire dishwasher and immediately switching it off for a minimum of 5 minutes is advised.

A dishwasher is recalibrated after the power is disconnecting for a few moments. In some cases, it proves to be more effective in comparison to simply switching your machine on & off.

You can check the schematics of your home if you are confused about the location of your circuit breaker.

#4. After a consecutive five minutes, connect power to your dishwasher. Before checking the display on the dishwasher, switch on your circuit breaker. If there is no display of error codes on your screen, you can run a test lost with several plasticises as well as non-valuable dishes.

If it functions properly, that means the condition of your frigidaire dishwasher has returned to normal. If neither of the above-mentioned methods works successfully, it is suggested to consult customer service.

When resetting your Frigidaire Dishwasher becomes necessary?

The control panel of the frigidaire dishwasher includes a miniature digital display, a series of buttons as well as LEDs. If the machine has stopped functioning, there are chances that the LEDs might not switch off or an error would be flashed by the display.

It’s necessary to have a master reset for clearing the codes or lights after resolving all the issues which are indicated ardently in the display. The users are instructed to tap on the start-cancel button. If it doesn’t work, you can try shutting off the circuit breaker of your phone.

In some cases, unplugging the dishwasher from the socket for some time also works. The error would be resolved after turning on the circuit breaker or when it is plugged in along with the electric panel. If the error codes are still visible on your dishwasher, running an internal diagnostic mode would be ideal.

How to start diagnostic mode of the frigidaire dishwasher?

To start the diagnostic mode of your frigidaire dishwasher, tap on cancel as well as a high-temperature button at the same time and until and unless the diagnostic test starts, don’t leave the hold of keys.

After the indicator lights up near your top control of the edge door, it is recommended to release all the buttons. The starting of the test is indicated by ’01’ on your display.

After doing this, spare some minutes to the dishwasher for self-assessment for different components such as wash motor, drain pump, water fill as well as a heating element. During the ongoing test, the activation sound of every component would be audible.

If a self-test is completed, it would reset automatically after the completion of the diagnostic test. On the other hand, if your Frigidaire dishwasher fails to reset and there is a display of error codes or your LED is still on, then there are some issues with its mechanical or electrical functions.

If the warranty period of your dishwasher is still running, then it would be best to send it to your local customer care canter or to take help from an experienced repairman.


How do I reboot my frigidaire?

The users are required to follow a very simple and convenient process to reboot their frigidaire. On the display panel, you are required to tap on the power freezer as well as power cool buttons both at the same time. Keep both the buttons pressed for a short period. This is how you can reset your frigidaire and automatically the frigid would start to cool again.

Why is my frigidaire dishwasher not starting?

Sometimes a frigidaire dishwasher fails to start even though it constitutes power. It is often because of a water supply issue. The users are required to be sure that they have switched on their water supply valve. You might feel the need to replace it if the valve has got stuck. For assuring the absence of damage or kinks, keep in check your water inlet hoses.

How do you reset your dishwasher?

The users are required to follow some simple steps to reset their dishwasher. The first step is to switch off the power at your circuit breaker. After the dishwasher is cleared out by the electrical charge which generally takes around 2-5 minutes, then you can turn on the power. That’s all that is required to reset the dishwasher.

How do run a diagnostic on my Frigidaire dishwasher?

To run your Frigidaire dishwasher on a diagnostic mode, firstly it is recommended to enable the self-diagnostic mode. Next tap on the Hi-Temp wash button followed by pressing either the start or cancel button for a few seconds. If the user has pressed the correct button then the test mode would automatically start.


Frigidaire dishwashers constitute diagnostic systems. If an error or fault is detected in your dishwasher you would be notified since the machine showcases an error code. The error code can be seen on the display screen where the general numbers are displayed. But these issues can be easily resolved without any complications.

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