6 tips on how to start your physical fitness exercises

physical fitness exercises

Daily exercise with different physical activities promotes strong muscles as well as bones. It also enhances the health of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. If you keep your body active it will help you in the maintenance of a healthy diet followed by a reduction of the risk for type-II diabetes and heart diseases.

Physical fitness exercises also reduce your risks for different types of cancers. You may have the aim of losing weight, gaining muscle, reduction of stress, enhancing cardiovascular health at the time of working out. Regular exercise helps you in umpteenth ways. Here are some of the amazing fitness tips for beginners:-

#1. Following a specified routine

One of the best ways for starting your fitness journey is to create a proper schedule of activities and the consecutive days where it should be followed. You can plan for some of the activities such as different indoor/outdoor activities. You can even go on bike rides and hiking. Choose activities that will make your fitness journey more fun than monotonous.

These physical fitness exercises bring a significant change.

#2. Embracing Technology

Today’s youth largely relies on different gadgets, phones and tablets for everything. So you can even take the help from technology to enhance your fitness journey. You can take part in different fitness games as well as challenges. There are also plenty of games available which channelize you on your fitness journey and keep you motivated for the same. The combination of technology and fitness can do wonders.

#3. Follow traditional fitness strategies

The childhood days used to be fun amidst all the outdoor games we used to play with our friends. The traditional method of fitness keeps you focused on coordination and most importantly makes you aware of your body. It will also benefit your nervous system if you indulge yourself in motor skills. Activities like skipping, hopping also help you in a greater way.

#4. Smartly plan your weight training

Opinions differ regarding what age one should start lifting weights. You should consult your regular physician and act accordingly. Since it also somewhat depends on the immunity of your body. Body weight exercises can help you in a greater way to increase your strength. You can start doing push-ups, squats for a few minutes until and unless that becomes your comfort level.

#5. Maintaining a balanced diet

You can never get ahead of your fitness journey by only practising a few exercises. You should also make sure that you are serving yourself the right food to keep your body healthy. Although there is no need to follow a tad post cliche diet. But make sure your diet must include plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits, carbs, protein and vitamins. Feeding yourself the right amount of carbohydrates and fats can do wonders in your fitness journey.

# 6. Be consistent

As much as working out and maintaining a diet is important, it is more necessary to be consistent with it. You should properly follow your routine every single day with consistency no matter what. Since this is how it will become your habit.

What are different types of fitness exercises?

The different types of fitness exercises are as follows:-

  1. Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular fitness exercises are referred to as vigorous activity that increases blood flow, heart rate, oxygen and respiration throughout the whole body while making use of larger muscles of your body in repetition with rhythm.

The other name of this exercise is endurance or aerobic exercise. These activities challenge essential internal organs of the body which helps in improving both performances as well as the function of the circulatory system, heart and lungs.

  1. Fitness training exercises

The significance of fitness training is in multitudes. It provides numerous benefits if done regularly for promoting health in people. There are a wide range of definitions of good health but the correct strength, age, weight, endurance, build are considered the prime goals which are generally addressed by fitness trainees.

Although initially, you might feel difficult doing fitness exercises regularly, starting slowly and breaking the exercise time into chunks would build up your practice and encourage you to do more.

  1. Muscular exercise

Muscular fitness exercises make your muscles stronger so that they easily lift heavier objects without feeling exhausted or pumping up muscles. The muscular strength enhances when a person is doing any muscular activity for building strength. It also builds up endurance.

A few common activities which improve muscle strength are body weight exercises, running,  circuit training, cycling, long-distance running as well as swimming. Endurance and muscular strength could be increased by repetitive movements for a long time.

  1. Aqua fitness exercises 

The other name of aqua fitness exercise is water aerobics. It is a common activity performed in water like a swimming pool. This aerobic exercise is done vertically without needing to swim, usually in-depth water which is why it is also known as resistance training.

Exercises done in water are considered more effective in comparison to land-based exercises for people experiencing injuries or rehabilitation of muscles that places resistance on the muscles consisting of a fraction of strain and stress on the body.

  1. Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the popular fitness exercises for kids in which riding is done by being properly balanced on a small board equipped on wheels. Although people regard it more as a fun form of exercise this is very beneficial.

It is known for providing a boost to a lot of competitions which includes both street-style events as well as vertical events.


It can be said undoubtedly that physical activity plays an essential role in the fitness journey of every individual. Adults, children and adolescents and every age should indulge in regular physical activity. Fitness promotes good health and makes your body active every day irrespective of the type of body or BMI. This article would serve as a guide in your fitness journey.

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