How to Unhide a Song in Spotify?

How to Unhide a Song in Spotify

Spotify users can hide any song in the playlist on Spotify.  Afterwards, whilst listening via the playlist, the hidden track will constantly be robotically skipped. If you convert your mind, you could un-hide songs as well.  Spotify users can customise its curated playlists, that can every now and then nevertheless provide tracks that they dislike.

Sometimes, you hide the song on Spotify, then that track would possibly move hidden or unavailable. There are instances whilst even a stored/downloaded Spotify tune would possibly move missing. Well, the coolest information is that you could effortlessly unhide songs on Spotify. In this article, you will know the way to unhide and get back your deleted and hidden songs in Spotify.

Why the song is unavailable on Spotify?

Before we come to know the way how to unhide a tune on Spotify, it’s far critical to realize its motive. In this way, you could realize what precipitated the hassle and resolve it effortlessly.  It may also be possible that you are thinking that the particular song is hidden on Spotify and the real reason may be different.

  • The tune you are attempting to play won’t be to be had on Spotify.
  • You couldn’t be linked to a strong net connection.
  • You may have login to another Spotify account.
  • The tune can be unavailable at a place you’re living.
  • There may be copyright issues with the song, which is making it unavailable.
  • The Spotify app is not loaded well.
  • While downloading the tune, the network connection could be disabled and the song is not downloaded in your device.
  • The song is accidently deleted by you earlier.
  • Data saver settings can also hide or unhide your songs from the playlist on Spotify. You can easily restore this and unhide songs on Spotify iPhone/Android app by following the below steps.

Step 1: Launch Spotify.

Step 2: Visit your Library

Step 3: Tap at the gear icon

Step 4:  Check the Data Saver mode

Is data save mode is disabled in order that even superb songs may be accessed in your tool. Though, this could load more on your mobile data.

You could additionally switch on the “Offline Mode” alternative so you can pay attention to song without a lively net connection. In this case, your songs might not be hidden even in case you aren’t linked to the net.

These can be the reasons that you are not able to find out that particular song in the playlist on Spotify.

How to unhide the song in Spotify

Most likely, a tune or song on Spotify is marked hidden whilst it isn’t to be had anymore. In this way, you could effortlessly discover ways to unhide songs on Spotify and get right of entry to them out of your playlists.

For Computer Users

If you are using Spotify on a desktop/laptop, then follow these given steps to unhide song on Spotify.

Step 1: Visit its internet site.

Step 2: Login with your valid credentials to your account.

Step 3: Go to settings.  Click on the gear icon.

Step 4: Click on Display Option and allow the “Show Unavailable Songs in Playlists” field.

Now, you may flow back to any playlist. To view your songs, click on the Hide/Unhide button.

For Android Users

Step 1: Launch the Spotify app in your Android device.

Step 2: Tap at the gear icon to go to settings.

Step 3:  Visit the Playback Settings and switch on the choice for “Show unplayable songs”.

Step 4: Save your changes

Step 5: Move back to any playlist

Step 6: Tap at the Hide/Unhide button once more to make the song visible.

For iOS Users

Step 1:  Launch Spotify in your iOS

Step 2: Tap at the gear icon on its home page to go to its Settings.

Step 3: Now, visit the Playback settings right here and locate the “Hide Unplayable Songs” feature. You have to show it off in order that Spotify might not hide any track.

You could easily move back on your playlist.  Now you can toggle the Hide button to unhide songs on Spotify.

How to Recover Spotify Playlists from Its Website?

While we cannot get better deleted songs from the app or the internet site of Spotify, we will get back our deleted playlists. Currently, the choice isn’t to be had on its app, so we want to go to its internet site on our laptop or Smartphone. If you’ve got a current playlist and also you deleted it accidentally, then you could get it back via way of means of following those steps:

Step 1: Instead of the use of the app, you want to get right of entry to the reliable internet site of Spotify in your Smartphone or laptop. If you’re gaining access to it in your Smartphone, then tap on the hamburger icon to get the log-in feature.

Step 2: After coming into the proper credentials of your Spotify account, you could efficiently log-in. Now, visit your Account Settings, and from the dropdown menu at the top, pick the “Recover Playlists” feature.

Step 3: Spotify view deleted playlists

Here, you could view all of the playlists that had been deleted out of your account. You can view greater info of the playlist and tap at the “Restore” button adjoining to its call to get it back.

The playlist will be moved on your Library after you click on the restore button.  Now it can be accessed like another playlist.

Spotify Features

After following the above steps, you have successfully unhide your unavailable song.  We are sharing some of the super excel features available on Spotify. Spotify recently rolled out one more superfeature on its app and web.

Explore Lyrics

Let’s say it undeniable and easy: It’s simpler to jam out on your cutting-edge preferred music while you recognize the words. That’s why, Spotify is empowering hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts round the sector to sing louder and extra expectantly than ever with the release of Lyrics.

Lyrics are one of the maximum asked functions from listeners throughout the globe. So after iterating and testing, they have created a revel in that’s easy and interactive—or even shareable. By partnering with Musixmatch, they are bringing music lyrics to existence thru in-app get admission to throughout the bulk of their sizeable library of tracks.

Lyrics are to be had to all Free and Premium customers globally throughout iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles,* and TV, in order that hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts can hook up with the song and artists they love on a good deeper level.

Streaming and Downloading Quality of Songs

In Spotify, we could flow and download song in the exclusive and the best way.  In case you do not have a WiFi connection and would really like to store your community information, then you could flow your songs in a best.

Step 1:  visit your Spotify Settings

Step 2: Tap on Music Quality

Step 3: Set a preferred best for the streaming and downloading of song.

You have set up the streaming and downloading quality for your songs on Spotify.

Explore Radio

Spotify also offers lots of radio stations, artist radios, and pinnacle-chart radio alternatives on Spotify. If you would really like to locate new song, then exploring those radios will be the fine solution.

Switch gadgets

Don’t underestimate the energy of the gadgets button down withinside the decrease left-hand nook of the playback display screen—way to technology like Spotify Connect, you could beam your track to an entire variety of gadgets without switching to different apps or commencing up different menus, and you could nevertheless use your Smartphone as a remote.

Be Social

Do you realize you could put up Spotify song in your Instagram Story?  Social media has been constructed into Spotify from the beginning; however it’s not simply monitoring your Facebook friend’s tastes. You can ship your favored Spotify tunes instantly to Instagram and Snapchat, in case you need to attempt to enhance the musical flavor of your followers (possibly a futile endeavor, however nevertheless). These apps provide you with the possibility to feature stickers, textual content and all the standard elaborations on pinnacle of the Spotify link, in case you like.

Discover concert events close to you

If you’re into a number of extraordinary artists then it is able to be all too clean to overlook while they’re passing thru your nearby area. Spotify is capable of assist right here through alerting you while bands and singers for your library have gigs near wherein you live.

Add Spotify for your maps app

You can get Spotify controls proper for your mapping app interface, in case your mapping app of desire is Google Maps or Waze. It manner you don’t want to exchange to and from Spotify to govern your tunes at the same time as you’re navigating someplace withinside the car.

In the case of Google Maps, you’re making the relationship interior Google Maps: Choose Settings from the app menu, then choose out Navigation settings and Show media playback controls (Android) or Navigation and Music playback controls (iOS). For Waze, pass into Spotify, and choose out Navigation (Android) or Connect to Apps (iOS).

Mute artists you don’t like

On numerous occasions, Spotify will choose out your track for you, whether or not that’s thru an infinite radio station or thru one of the algorithm-primarily based totally playlists that it serves up on a everyday basis. If there’s a specific artist you’re unwell of hearing, you could prevent them from acting once more.

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Is it possible to recover a Spotify playlist?

Yes, it is possible to recover a Spotify playlist.  Spotify playlist can be recovered from its website (but not the app) as of now. You will have to log-in to your Spotify account with login credentials on its website.  Once you login, then go to Account Settings > Recover Playlists.

Is there any time limit Spotify keep deleted playlists?

Ans: There is no official announcement for the time limit.  But you can recover your deleted playlist on Spotify.

How to recover data from deleted Spotify account?

Your data will be deleted, once you delete your Spotify account.  Hence, you can contact customer support for recovery.


There you move! Now you know the way to unhide songs on Spotify, you could effortlessly get back all of the misplaced or unavailable content. Discover Spotify and put in force those recommendations to control your song like a pro.