Top 8 Online Web Designing Courses 2023

Online Web Designing Courses

Today we will be discussing Web Design or its top online courses. It will help you to take your creative skills to a next level that we all think is necessary with time. You must be thinking about why we need to focus on web design courses online. Isn’t it simple to create a single-page website? But our answer is absolutely no! So you might need to enhance your design expertise. Don’t worry! Our top 8 designing skills courses that you can do online sitting at your home will help you explore a whole new arena of user-friendly design skills.

Here we are going to present to you the complete guide containing all the important concepts on web design or online web design courses that can help you learn wherever or whenever you want.

What Is Web Design?

In simple words, web design refers to the process of planning how the whole web content or all the elements will look on the web page. It involves the concept of how to portray or deliver the full information in an interactive & user-friendly way.

If you are not aware of the fact that web design plays an important role in engaging the visitors for a longer time then you might be missing out on very important details. If you have a great responsive design then you will see a consistent increase in your website visitors but if the webpages are not properly designed then you might face the problem of increasing bounce rate or decreasing sales. So always try to understand why website design is crucial for every business.

What Kind Of Web Design Sucks?

There are multiple factors that you need to consider while designing your website pages. For an outstanding user-friendly experience for your visitors, creating a single-page website is not enough. You can take help from different web design experts or consultants so that they will help you align each & every single details that attract a lot of conversions or visitors

Now we will discover different potential traits of the web design that makes you realize why your website design sucks for others.

      1. Decides Your Design Style:

While designing the whole website you need to be consistent with design layouts or style. There are different factors like CTA buttons, color, fonts or elements that you need to decide so that they will create a consistent design over all the pages.

Whenever you are going to add something on your website you need to solidify from your end that every new element is going to match your old one. Otherwise inconsistent designs or typography will lead to a chaos on the website. This way users are not going to trust your website.

      2. Poor Navigation Design:

You must think if you visit a website & the website does not have a proper structure to navigate, it will make you frustrated or you may bounce back from the site. This means you need to design a user-friendly or easy navigation system that will give your users an option to jump from one page to another.

      3. Absence Of Visual Elements:

A proper web design should contain every visual element such as images, videos, or proper content placement. It needs to be implemented in your web copy to attract more & more visitors.

      4. Call To Action Buttons:

Why CTAs are so important to have a great design. It will help your user in converting so that if he or she wants to make a purchase. CTA buttons make your design more attractive & converting. Ultimately it guides your user when to take the next step.

      5. Responsive Design:

 With the trending use of mobile phones, tablets, or any other devices we need that website design should look properly responsive according to every platform. If you are not able to achieve then it can directly affect the rate of conversions. Responsive design helps the user to engage the website completely. The poor responsive design causes adverse effects on the experience of the visitor.

Top 8 Website Design Courses Online:

Learning is a long time process & you can gather different designing skills online from various multiple platforms. We have compiled a list of top 8 online web design courses which are popular & contain the latest information. These different educational websites give you the perfect opportunity to learn with the best learning environment or tools you have. Let’s have a look!

1. Udemy

This is one of our favorite online platforms that offers you an expansive range so that you will find the one that suits your requirements. Whether you are a student or professional there are learning courses available for everyone. Just visit the platform.Create a login account, select the web design course you want to do. Now you will pay for the course selected & start learning.

You will come across different courses from web designers all around the world. There are so many courses available depending upon price range, features, ratings, or many more on Udemy. There is only one con that there are no free trials available for the online courses.

2. is another online learning platform for all the students or professionals who want to explicitly focus on enhancing their skills or professional degrees. This tailored website according to your learning needs provides you with a variety of programs with adequate learning certification.

There are more than hundreds of professional web designers, educational institutes & tuition programs who are eager to provide you with online learning. They provide you with basic to advanced levels courses. provides world-class training programs along with collaboration with different institutes. There are free or paid types of courses available to start with.


edX is one of the most popular online platforms that provide web design courses online to its wide community of around 24 million users. If you are someone who wants to join a course that provides an authorized certification. Then this platform will be one of the top choices.

There are different courses for web developers, designers, school learners, degree people, or many more. You need to decide on a course to find out what will be the duration of the program, the pace with which you want to go, or other necessary details according to the courses available.

There are various other niches such as a wide variety of programs, boot camps, or internship programs to satisfy your learning quest are available on paid or free trials.

4. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is the one professional platform that offers the best online web design courses with multiple other niche courses such as photography, marketing, analytics, finance, health, and many others.

They offer you these skills in a nominal course with 4 weeks of free trials. You can start with any course & learn without paying any hefty tuition fees.

Once you decide to upgrade the program you are currently studying, you can easily purchase the course & continue your studies. 100+ courses with proper chat support & lifetime access allow you to go through the basics again in the future.

5. LinkedIn Learning

These days there is no one out there who is not familiar with Linked Learning. It offers you the featured platform that creates a network of all the best top-notch professionals at one place.

There are hundreds of courses present on the different skills including web design. You can collaborate with different instructors or professionals to get maximum exposure. New or beginner level trainees will love this platform to get introduced to new trending skills.

If you are experienced then you might need to dig deeper to get the best or detailed courses for yourself as most of the courses are for beginners or intermediate levels.

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is one of the oldest communities which has encouraged many individuals to study or complete their educational courses online since 2010. It has been one of the most trusted sources of information among the students for a very long time. You can easily visit or browse the classes online such as web design courses & decide the professional you want to follow.

You can also opt for the value-paid membership to get more original skillshare classes or new projects to find a more defined outline over the classes. Paid membership with a variety of topics will be the best-featured option for you.

7. Udacity

Udacity is the platform that offers the best skilled courses for developers & web designers. Undoubtedly there are many open online degree courses that you can opt for if you want to increase lifelong expertise. There are different courses that are completely free along with online authorized certification. You can also subscribe for the paid option.

The courses are tailored for the most advanced or experienced professionals to learn about new technologies. If you are someone who is dedicated to his focused learning then you must visit this platform to get optimal results.

8. Thinkful

Thinkful provides you with the different online learning programs including the tech fields, analytical studies, web design, engineering programs, or UX /UI courses. Their courses will require different course fees depending upon the time duration you are going to pursue with the proper study course.

Yes, you can choose for a shorter duration as well as many of the other design courses are also available. You will be given a proper certification or we must say a degree that helps you later in your job profile. For initial or beginner salary you can rely on these courses.


Web design is a field of creativity that you need to work on regularly & master the skills. This regular quest will make things more exciting & challenging We hope that our complete guide will help in attaining the maximum benefits out of it.

FAQs Related To Online Web Designing Courses:

Is Website Design hard?

Yes if you are trying to begin a new career option then web design can be a little confusing but not hard we must say. It requires a particular skill set or expertise that you will learn over time, not in a week or month. We recommend you to join the courses that include the technical skills & expertise related to web designing.

How long does it take to learn web designing?

There is no defined timeline that we can tell you about learning web design online. But you are going to need web development skills, HTML, CSS, or much other expertise to refine this skill. But for the initial course, you need at least 6 months to 1 year to go through the complete foundation course. You need to practice for some hours daily to become an expert.

How can I learn web designing for free?

Yes you can learn for free. There are various other platforms for learning online web design courses for free. Yes, you heard it right. Here are some of the free platforms that you can start with: Codecademy, Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseWare, or HTML5 Rocks. If you are someone who wants an overview over the web design course or a beginner level you can start with these & switch to an advanced level.

What qualifications do you need to be a web designer?

There are no such necessary qualifications required to pursue web design as your career. You need a technical so that you can smoothly learn things. But if you don’t have that you can surely start without that as well.

Is there money in web design?

Web design, in the beginning, is not a high end paying job. But if you pursue the latest skills or fields in web design, then you will make the most out of it. For example these days UX/UI is worth pursuing surely if you are someone from the designing background to get you promoted to the desired pay scale. 

How much does a Web design course cost?

 If you are looking for the full time course to pursue for web design then we must tell you that the duration could range from 1 to 2 year maximum. It depends upon the extremities of the course. Now coming to the course that you need to pay it can be nearly 40,000 to 400K.

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