Everything about the solution to fix pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f error code


In this digital epoch, when competition is so tough, it is essential to stay connected. Hence communication and staying attached to the world is the most critical aspect. In terms of official purpose, nothing can be a better communicative option than Microsoft Outlook. Outlook has an excellent capability to manage and balance professional and personal lives.

You can easily schedule e-mails, manage and keep an eye on the upcoming conferences, personal appointments, and many more things. But all the complimentary access gets bounded when you have to face the error code.

Among all other code [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] is one of the error codes that might stop you from seamless work. But don’t worry, you can take care of the error code yourself. You just have to know how to deal with this particular error code which is [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f]. Here you will cover almost every detail of the error code and how you can solve it.

A brief and crisp guide on the PII error in MS Outlook 

You may have or may not have an idea about the complete form of the PII error code. PII is an abbreviation of Personally identifiable information. This PII error code can happen due to wrong parameters with port numbers, authentication, and insecure connections. Some of the main factors that pave the way to lead all sorts of PII errors are as follow:

  • PII error can happen due to conflict in the SMTP server
  • An issue with the setup
  • Corruption in software may also cause.

In short, if you see this particular error code [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] in your Microsoft outlook, that means your outlook is not working correctly. You will be unable to send messages or interact with your clients, which will affect the business and hamper your work poorly. Hence you have to resolve it as soon as possible.

What are the factors leading to the [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] error code in MS outlook? 

Outlook is one of the leading platforms for communication. Either be it a business or work, e-mail service plays an important role. In such work pressure, if the customer faces any error, it can affect the seamless work experience. While working with the outlook, you may encounter different errors, but if you are facing this [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f]error code, then there might be the following reasons:

– The error may cause if outlook fails to establish a solid and stable connection with the server of the e-mail.

– If your device is not connected with active internet connectivity.

– In case the device is receiving active internet, then you have to check your Outlook profile. The profile might have poorly got damaged due to any external factor.

– The error is also possible if you are using the broken version of Microsoft outlook anyhow.

– It may be due to the installation process due to any other software installed on your PC.

– Or this error code may cause due to conflict with different e-mail accounts.

– Sometimes, the error is caused by a problem with your pc. You pc may be affected by any incorrect antivirus configuration.

– This error also appears when somehow the files on the POP3 server have been damaged.

Now that we know the real reason for the [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f],we can move forward to understand its solution. Let’s see how we can fix this error.

Ways to fix the  [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] Error Code

As different reasons can cause the error, the solutions also vary likewise. If you have identified the cause, you can directly jump to the solution you think will work, but if you haven’t, you can try doing them all and see what’s working.

Resolve the mail server to the tools menu and click on accounts. Look thoroughly and identify the account that is causing problems to you. Navigate the property menu and go with the following steps.

– Check if the name of the outgoing mail server is the correct one.

– Analyze the server option if you find that your server requires authentication.

Check the outgoing mail server’s port number

– Check whether the connection is secure or not. If not, make sure to make it secure.

– Save all the changes that have been made and try sending messages to check.

  1. Use Auto-repair tool

Usually, the auto-repair tool automatically detects and resolves the error, but you can try doing it by yourself through the following steps.

  • Download the auto-repair tool to identify the error.
  • Start search bar and navigate the control panel.
  • Click on the programs and features option after that.
  • In the programs and feature option, search and identify ‘office 365’.
  • Click on ‘repair.’
  • Restart the outlook and continue with your work.
  1. Check with the server requirements. 

As seen formerly, the error can also be occurred due to the server error. So if you resolve the issue with the server, your mistake may probably b fixed as a result of it.

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Go to files and then account settings. Now click on messaging tab.
  • A list will appear; select your e-mail account from it.
  • Navigate the internet messaging settings.
  • You will see an outgoing server tab, open it and select my outgoing server requires authentication.
  • To apply changes, click ok.
  1. Delete the duplicate accounts if any

The accounts which you may have signed in accidentally or any duplicate account may also cause the error. That is why deleting those extra accounts can help you resolve the error.

  • Navigate the Outlook menu.
  • Go to the account settings and then open messaging tab.
  • Identify the duplicate account, select and click on delete.
  • Restart outlook. If the error continues, try the other options.
  1. Change the server port number. 

Changing the port number can sometimes help you get rid of the error; however, if it does not work, you can try different methods. To change the server port number, go through the following steps.

  • Go to files and then account settings. Now click on messaging tab.
  • A window named ‘e-mail account’ will open.
  • Select the ‘more settings option. You will see the opening of a window called internet messaging settings.
  • Change the outgoing server port number from the existing number to 587.
  • Once you have changed the number, select OK to apply the changes.
  1. Reinstall the outlook

The last thing you can do is to try uninstalling and reinstalling the outlook. Reinstalling the application does not only help you to get rid of the error [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f] but most of the errors. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Open Outlook.
  • Navigate programs and features and look for ‘Microsoft office 365’ in it.
  • Click on ‘uninstall,’ and some instructions will appear on the screen on how to uninstall it properly. Follow those instructions.
  • When you are done with uninstalling the application, reinstall it.
  • Once reinstalled, create a new account on outlook. Now try sending e-mails. This method will hopefully resolve the issue.


The methods discussed above cover almost all possible ways to solve the error [pii_email_a65fd44c06670d5ead4f]. Try if you can figure out the cause of the error and solve it accordingly, and if not, try every method one by one. One of them will indeed resolve the error, at least the reinstalling method. One more thing you can try doing is to clear the caches and cookies or update your outlook account. Keep trying and exploring these things, and slowly you will get an idea to rectify these issues quickly by yourself.