What Industry Insiders Say About [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] error


Sending files or forwarding messages has become quick & easy after the invention of the email platforms. These days we all are familiar with most of the email platforms. Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook are the most prominent ones for sending out all kinds of messages all around the world through them. These have become the most important tools when it comes to professional working. Along with that, you can save up on plenty of time or effort.

Outlook is one of the most secure email platforms & popularly used by people after Gmail or Yahoo. It has enormous features such as making notes, managing tasks, schedule emails, or many other things that make your professional life easy to survive.

Today we will discuss Microsoft Outlook & what are its common errors such as [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46]. Our step by step guide will let you know through the quick fixes you need to apply to overcome Outlook errors. So let’s start.

What Are Outlook Errors?

If you are using an email platform just to send emails, you might have not seen that there are various kinds of Outlook errors people mostly have encountered. These errors can be frustrating for many of the non technical people who used to spend hours in rectifying them. One of them is PII errors. Talking about this in particular, there is no single reason behind these errors. They might be the result of connection errors or server errors.

Do You Know About [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] Email Errors?

PII refers to the term Personally Identifiable Information. It makes your email encrypted or password protected for the recipient to receive. One of the major disadvantages of these emails is that you can’t send such emails to a group of email addresses. It mainly consists of login ID, email address, security number, postal code, and phone numbers for the personal identification of the user.

The recipient only recognizes such emails through a unique password he or she is going to provide before opening the email. Whenever the user fails to provide the unique information to open the email, the server creates an error for the user & makes it difficult to proceed further.

There has been a lot of variety in outlook errors, so we have provided you with some of the primary issues that occur along with the quick fixes as well.

Whenever a user tries to send an email through a server by designating it as SSL encrypted, you need to check that your server must have a proper server connection to complete the transfer of information. This will help you in sending your emails easily without generating any errors.

If you are using the Outlook program on Windows or having an issue in using Outlook, please update the software or Windows to fix the issues. You also need to discuss these errors with your client because if they share such emails with you, it can generate the same issue on your system as well.

Major Reasons Behind [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] Error:

There are various general reasons because of which you will encounter such errors. Some of them we are mentioning here so that you can avoid these situations to avoid PII Errors.

  • The windows of your system need to be updated.
  • You are using the old Microsoft Outlook version.
  • The software of Outlook needs to be installed properly.
  • Imperfect working of keyboard and mouse.
  • Poor connection of network between SMTP server or mail server.
  • Keep the email settings correct before using your email. You can adjust the settings from your email account.
  • Clear old cache or files from the system time to get more protection for your files or data.
  • When you are using more than one account in the same outlook platform.

Even if you are using these precautions on your system but consistently receiving such errors, we suggest you take help from the support team or professional person to remove these issues.

Best Fixes For [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] Error:

While finding the solution for [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] error, we have found so many solutions that you can try. So we have shortlisted some of those and drafted step by step processes to make the instruction easy for the people who are looking for quick solutions.

These quick fixes will solve your problem perfectly:

Solution 1: Use Window Auto Repair Tool

One of the most initial errors fixing methods for all the software that we run on our system is to use the Window Repair Tool. This tool will run the scan for your software to find out the glitch that is generating the error & provide the quick fix after completing the scan. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel on your system.
  • Select the programs on your system & click on the program you want to fix through the auto repair tool.
  • Choose the option to remove errors. Now the tool will fix the issue automatically & you can check if it’s fixed by sending emails again.

Solution 2: Install The Microsoft Outlook Program Again

Sometimes due to the regular updation by the software company or in the Windows version that we are using on our system, it makes it difficult for us to work in some softwares by generating regular errors. In those cases reinstalling the available software becomes necessary, and we also suggest you to do the same. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Control Panel again & select the Microsoft Outlook program you want to uninstall from the list.
  • It will uninstall the program & now you can download another file of the Microsoft Outlook program from your browser.
  • Now reinstall the existing file again so that if any error persists due to installation. It will get removed easily.

Solution 3: Avoid Multiple Accounts In the Software

For removing the [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] error while using the Microsoft Outlook software is that you should avoid using more than one account in the same software. We know that it is unnecessary to use only a single account while working in the Outlook program, but it is suggestive to keep such errors away. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose the file menu & select account settings.
  • Select the email accounts you want to remove.
  • After choosing on accounts, click on the remove button.
  • After that click on OK to remove multiple accounts.

Solution 4: Change Or Disable The Anti-Virus Programs

Sometimes when we use the antivirus programs in our systems, it conflicts with the working of certain programs or software. To remove the [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] error, you should try to uninstall the firewall you are using & check if your software is working properly.

If yes, then disable the anti virus program or you can use some other software.

Solution 5: Remove All The Cache Files Or Data

When you keep cache data or files in the system for a long time, it can undoubtedly reduce the browsing time. But we suggest you remove such data regularly. It can help you in keeping your system away from unnecessary viruses or errors.

Timely removal of cache removes the [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] error completely & you can check by operating the Microsoft Outlook program again.

Solution 6: Check The Account Settings In Your Microsoft Outlook Program

To remove [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] error, you should regularly go through the settings of your Microsoft Outlook account. Once you select the account that shows you a particular error, visit all the accounts settings once. Here are the following steps:

  • Choose the accounts whose settings need to be corrected because of the error & click on the properties.
  • Test the ID of the email account set up with the email server to check if it is working properly.
  • Click on the advanced settings to check the authenticity of outgoing signals from the server tab.
  • Set up the POP or SMTP properties correctly to have a symmetry between hosting providers. You can also set up the SMTP or POP settings from the advanced tab.
  • Save the properties by clicking on the button OK. Then once again, restart the program to check if it’s working properly or not.
  • Go to file information>> Click on account settings>> Manage the settings of the profiles.
  • Set up mail settings>> Email accounts>> Advanced Settings>>Outgoing server>>check on the SMTP & IMAP port settings for better working of the Outlook account.
  • Set up the settings of SSL & TLS to check whether the established connection is encrypted or not.
  • Click on the OK to save all the settings.


Microsoft Outlook errors such as [pii_email_eff563393d66077b7f46] can be frustrating or unmanageable due to random errors. So far, you almost know every possible reason for now to fix these recurring errors.

Along with that, we hope that our complete guide will help you to remove such errors easily in the future. If you have any other solution that we haven’t mentioned or used to remove such errors, do comment below so that it will help other readers.

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