Everything You Need To Know about [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] Error Code


We all are pretty familiar with the different email platforms such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook in our daily or professional lives. While using these platforms, you all might face different errors which are not easy to remove for a non-technical person. We all use Microsoft Outlook for sending our work emails & you might see some errors such as

“You cannot access your Microsoft Outlook account, or we can not open the folders to access information.”

Restarting your computer does not solve every error every single time. Sometimes you need  professional help or some hack to unlock these errors. So, here we are in this article, we will discuss Outlook errors or especially about [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] errors or how you can fix them by using a few simple hacks.

What Is [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] Error?

While sending you emails on Outlook, there is no method to keep yourself away from receiving error messages. You receive basic errors such as:

  • Your email server is unable to connect to a proxy server
  • Connection to Microsoft Outlook is unavailable
  • Cannot start Microsoft Outlook

in your Outlook application. These errors make it difficult for you to do your daily tasks & schedule meetings. You can’t expressly point out the main reason behind these errors as these are majorly generated by SMTP servers.

But while sending PII emails on Outlook, you must have encountered the [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] error because the sent files were encrypted & protected with passwords. These emails generate such error & make it difficult for you to access your email.

Why These [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] Errors Occur?

When your user email server fails to connect with the mail server, [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] error is generated. The reason might be that the running application in your system is outdated or not reaching the server properly & form a poor connection. Sometimes even the emails you receive or send to the people consist of encrypted information or password, which also creates such errors due to the conflict.

As we have discussed, there can be multiple reasons you are receiving such errors frequently. So we have enlisted some of the common reasons that might cause this issue:

  1. You need to install your Microsoft Outlook software properly on your system.
  2. The Windows you are operating on your system need to be installed again.
  3. Update your current version of Microsoft Outlook Office.
  4. Clean the unnecessary files or data from the system that get stored in your mailbox so that you can refresh to start again.
  5. To establish a proper connection, you need to resolve the conflict between the SMTP user server or mail server.
  6. Correctly set up your email account settings to remove the error.
  7. Your internet connection is not working accurately.
  8. Configure the antivirus or firewall you are using. If it’s not working correctly, It can also create this error.

Here are some of the common issues that you can check from your end to solve these errors without any significant effort. But if the problem persists, we have provided you with a complete guide of a few hacks to undo this error.

Easy Ways To Fix [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] Or Microsoft Outlook Error

After every step, we have suggested above if you are still facing recurrent issues. You can follow a step by step guide for different methods to resolve this issue or other common Pii errors. Let’s go through the hacks one by one now!

Method 1: Take Help From Auto Repair Tool Present On Your System

The Auto Repair Tool is the best way of fixing all the minor issues occurring in the different software of our system. It exists in every system.

You need to search for the Control panel in your system > Select Programs > Click on the Microsoft Outlook > Select & Find out the option of remove error > Auto Repair system will fix all the issues it has & you will be able to send the emails again.

Method 2: Clear All Clear Cache Data

Most people don’t realize that keeping all the cache files or programs stored on the system can create issues that relate to the proper working of the system. Undoubtedly, they can help you achieve quick access to the version of links, images, text, or documents you regularly visit.

But these files need to be removed from your system because storing some of the documents leads to interruption in the working of any installed software, may contain malware or create issues in proper functioning.

Method 3: Update Or Reinstall Outlook Program

You can update the existing version of Microsoft Outlook present on your website. It will help in sorting out the conflict occurring between the files. There are some of the easy steps that you need to follow while reinstalling the Microsoft Outlook Software.

Simple Steps To Follow:

Go to the control Panel > search for the list of programs > click on the Microsoft Outlook software.

Right click on the program & uninstall the program.

After removing the complete files, you need to reinstall the program Microsoft Office 365. Once you are done installing, you can use your Outlook program again.

Method 4: Using More Than Once Account

One of the most common mistakes we all make is when we use multiple Outlook email accounts in one application. It can lead to an error of [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51]. Moreover, you can use multiple accounts.

But certainly, for removing the Pii error, you need to remove all other mail accounts that you are using in your application.

Go to the settings of your account, select all the additional accounts that you have used & click on the remove icon. Click Ok & now try to send your email.

Method 5: Go Through The Settings Of Your Account Once Again

Open the outlook account that shows you the error & go to the account settings to check if they are properly working or not. If not, then you need to set these settings first.

Follow these steps:

  • Test the id of your account to find that your email account is properly set up or not
  • Click on more settings & change the server time period in order to increase the time session.

These are some of the essential hacks you can use to resolve this issue. Otherwise, you can check your internet connection or the anti-virus program you are using. Slow internet or scanning your Outlook files can disrupt setting up a proper connection between the mail server & the user server.

You can temporarily block the scanning process by yourself or uninstall the firewall program you are using.


We all use Outlook applications so frequently that knowing about these errors or different resolving methods will solve your problems. You can encounter hundreds of PII errors that you never even think of.

You can prevent these errors from occurring in the first place by finding the primary causes behind the [pii_email_fa7d344090c3d899ce51] errors. Do let us know in the comment section if you know of any other hack regarding this error that can help out others readers.

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