Roleplay Plot Ideas – Dragons, Assassins, Mercenaries, and Time Travel


Getting stuck in a rut? Need some roleplay plot ideas? Here are some examples: Dragons, Assassins, Mercenaries, Time travel. These ideas might not be your typical fantasy storyline, but they may be a fun way to start your next game. Just remember to use your imagination! Just as there are many fictional worlds, there are also many different ways to create a storyline. Whether your roleplayers prefer fantasy or science fiction, you can use these ideas to write an unforgettable storyline.


Mercenaries can be used as a part of roleplay plot ideas for a variety of reasons. Mercenaries have their own specialties and often work for different mercenary companies. They can be hired to do various missions, from assassination to sabotage. If you’re thinking about using mercenaries as part of your roleplay plot ideas, consider the following options:

Time travel

There are many interesting ideas for time travel in RPGs, but the real trick is coming up with one that makes sense. A time traveler can change the outcome of events, change their abilities, and evade real-world physics. While this may sound like a neat idea, it can also end up being the source of many plot holes. Consider these ideas when brainstorming time-travel plot ideas. These ideas will help you create an interesting and exciting storyline.


Creating an assassin’s roleplay plot requires you to have a greater purpose for playing the character. An assassin is always a dangerous character, and as such, you should have a sense of drive and purpose that pushes him to do his job in a particularly insidious way. To do so, you can use the following assassins roleplay plot ideas.


If you are stuck on what to do with your next dragon, you might consider using them as part of your roleplay plot. Dragons can be a great addition to your game, and they have many uses beyond just being creatures of myth. In a roleplay, dragons can serve as an intelligent guide through an adventure or campaign. While many of these creatures have a great deal of character, they are also unreliable, so be careful in choosing the right dragon for your campaign.


One of the best ways to create roleplay plot ideas for doctors is to make a doctor out of each member of your party. A doctor can be any type of physician, from a pediatrician to a neurologist, and the character could even be anything that a real-life physician would do. There are numerous roleplay plot ideas for doctors that can make your characters come to life, and you’ll surely find one that will work for your group.


There are many different ideas for Nurses roleplay plot ideas. You can role play a nurse diagnosing patients, giving them treatments, or tucking them in bed for recovery. Regardless of your chosen role, you can find the right setting for your characters. Here are a few suggestions. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider these five themes. You can also incorporate other ideas for Nurses roleplay plot ideas.