Safety first: why you need fence hire in 2023


If you work in the building, demolitions or events industries you will know the vital importance of fence hire. After all, you likely don’t need a full-time set on-hand, clogging up inventory space, but you do need a safe and secure solution when it’s time to get to work.

As such, temporary fences are the best way to ensure you have the barrier you need to keep staff and the public safe whilst protecting your investment. In this piece, we will talk about why temporary fences are still so imperative in 2023, and why you shouldn’t overlook them for your new build, festival and certainly not any demo work you’re undertaking!

Here are a few reasons why temporary fences are still vital in 2023:

  • It’s unnecessary to buy fences

The best fencing hire Melbourne has is the perfect option as you don’t need to actually permanent fences. After all, you probably don’t need a fence solution on a permanent basis, and it is highly likely having one on-hand will just cost too much money and take up too much space. As such, temporary fences are the best solution for ensuring you’ve got the safety and security you need for the staff and public exactly when you need it, and don’t end up with it lying around the warehouse like someone who’s really overstayed their welcome at the party.

  • It keeps people safe

Obviously! This is, of course, the main reason for enlisting temporary fences in your construction, renovations, demolitions or events. What’s more, Australian law ensures that they are a legal requirement for many of these industry aspects, so you don’t want to find yourself without them if OH&S inspectors come to rear their inquisitive heads.

They are designed to keep both staff and the public safe regardless of their application. If it’s a building or demolitions site, they are erected to stop members of the public from wandering into where they could be hurt, and it also works to keep crowds moving freely and safely at big events like music festivals and expositions.

  • It keeps your goods secure

Anyone in the construction industry will attest to the risk of thieves trying to steal from the site. Luckily, temporary fences are erected to keep nefarious characters from attempting entrance in a place they really shouldn’t be attempting to gain entrance, thus helping to keep expensive items and building materials safe from thievery.

  • They are easy to set up

Temporary fences are a breeze to set up, so anyone in the construction, demolitions, pool building or events industries with even a little experience in prepping such installations should find it absolutely simple! The design comes in easily-connectable sections that are simple to set up and take down once used, making it an easy-yet-efficient solution for builders and events specialists.

  • They can keep you out of legal trouble

As we previously mentioned, the last thing you want is for the OH&S team to drop by your building site and find that you don’t have temporary fences erected – you know how much trouble that can cause!

So, this is just another reason why they are still completely vital in 2023 – they keep your staff and the public safe whilst protecting your assets and keeping you out of hot water with the authorities – it’s a win for everyone and not something that should ever be overlooked for a cheaper option!