Steps to replace the Toilet Flush Button

Toilet Flush Button

In the event that you deal with flush issue in your toilet, then, at that point, it can make the entire toilet framework down. The task to fix should be completed as quickly as time allows.  It’s very simple to replace the defective flush system.  This article will show you how to fix the toilet flush button in only a couple of minutes.

Along these lines, go to your neighborhood home improvement shop and purchase a new flushing system. Settle down on the couch quite comfortable to peruse our convenient aide.

Which Tools are Required to Replace a Toilet Flush

Here is a rundown of the apparatuses you really need to determine your press button toilet flush issues.

  • Pair of holds
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Towel


Toilet flush button issue can be solved in two ways. Sometimes, flush button issue can be solved just by fixing the flusher it but sometimes you need to replace flush button.


Assuming that the flush button of the toilet doesn’t work then your toilet has the flusher issue. You need to fix the flusher. There are 2 types of flush models – top-flush models and water-saving model. There are two types of models either pressing the button or pulling bar on the highest point of the tank. You can determine the issue to have a basic investigating methodology. We will examine about the techniques

Case 1:  Button Flush is not working

As a matter of first importance, lift off the front of the tank and equilibrium it on the edge of the toilet’s tank. Presently, check out the flush instrument. Check out the instrument comprising of the button get together. You’ll likewise find a switch called lever that fits onto the finish of that bar looks like a rod. Assuming you observe the switch broken, in that case, you should pull the lever off.  Pull off the hose which is associated at a side and proceed to get another lever and supplant the switch called as lever.

Case 2: Flush Button is OK

Also, in the event that the switch is OK, then, at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to really look at the button system. First of all check the button by pressing it a few times.  Notice assuming that the pole pushes of not each time. Assuming the pole doesn’t push each time, then, at that point, pull off the lever and drop that into the water tank of the toilet. First step is to unscrew the nuts. You can use screwdriver or flexible pliers.

In case the bar pushes each time when you press the button then it appears to be OK and you should now actually take a look at the flush valve. Get a frozen yogurt stick and addition it toward the finish of a craftsman’s paintbrush handle onto the port on the highest point of the flush valve where the bar is fitted. Press push down flush button and check. Assuming the toilet doesn’t flush, then, you may need another flush valve.

Eliminate the handle from the finish of the bar by unscrewing that goes through the tank cover’s top side.

Now remove the tank cover and put it aside.

From that point onward, fit the bad habit grasp onto that bar. Mineral stores can be developed that keep the bar from pulling up. Clean the mineral stores and in case the toilet flushes then, at that point, reattach the front of the tank backward request and secure it by screwing the handle. What’s more sadly, in the event that the toilet doesn’t flush, then, at that point, get another flush valve if it is broken and replace it.


On the off chance that the flush button of your toilet should be changed, adhere to these directions bit by bit. These steps should be followed during toilet flush button replacement.

First Step is to Shut off the Water Supply:

The very first step to get started is to turn off the water supply. You must be sure that the water supply is totally down.  No water will show up during fixing the toilet flush button. You might use an isolation valve for some time to make sure there water supply is totally off while fixing.

Step 2 – Remove the Push Button:

In the wake of winding down the water supply, eliminate the reservoir top cautiously. Place the cover some place safe and eliminate the old button.  You can unscrew it by hand as on the grounds that the greater part of the toilets have a huge plastic nut. Clean the edge of the opening so it’s prepared when you really want to fit the new button.

Step 3 – Channel the Water:

Flush down the framework to purge the reservoir out of the water. Firstly, channel all the water from the reservoir. The storage should be empty.  When you emptied out all the water out of the storage, eliminate the screws. You’ll see them under the storage and they are joined to the toilet bowl. Lift the reservoir off and remember to keep every nut and screw carefully. You might see a smidgen of water moving from the water feed. Clear out the water with a towel and shut the toilet top. Put a towel on it so you can lay it on its back and work on when you eliminate the reservoir. Now, essentially flip around the unit and pour that down to your toilet bowl.

Step 4 – Eliminate the reservoir                                             

You can’t do the toilet press button substitution task without eliminating the toilet tank, first. Eliminate the two screws that hold the tank appended to the divider. Fix the two wing nuts under the reservoir, so you can lift it away from the toilet bowl. Put all stray pieces aside. Eliminate the water pipe. Remove any leftover water from the tank and close the toilet cover down. Place the reservoir on top after you’ve put a towel on it. Clear the extra water.

Step 5 – Old flush valve removing

At the lower part of the reservoir, you’ll see an elastic donut formed gasket. Eliminate it and fix the back nut that holds the flushing component set up with the help of your grip. Remove the metal clasp and check the condition of washer. You can re-use it once more, regardless of whether your new framework accompanies a washer. In the last, eliminate the old flush valve. You might have to provide it with somewhat of a squirm so it slides all the more effectively through the silicon around the opening.

Step 6 – Set up the New Flushing System

At the point when you unloaded every part, set up the new part(s) to the framework to get done with the task. Right then, at that point, remove the new instrument from the bundling. To eliminate the doughnut washer unscrew the nut manually. Move the new seal upwards to set it properly at the lower part of the unit. Then, pop the valve through the reservoir. Fit and tight the metal clamp  with your grips manually. Fit the new framework inside the storage. Screw back on the plastic nut and fix it.

Step 7 – Re-Fit the Cistern              

Get the reservoir back onto the bowl of the toilet. Be cautious and ensure you line up everything and get the fasteners once again into the right spot through the screw openings. Pop the wing-nuts back and straighten out them as well and secure the reservoir to the divider by messing up. Place the two darts at the lower part of the tank. Now, fix and tight the nut to the toilet bowl with the help of your screwdriver.  Check whether everything appears to be overall quite consistent, as the last things you want are some toilet holes and trickles.

Step 8 – Test the Toilet Flush

In this way, when you have finished changing the framework, now check in case the framework functions admirably or not! Turn the water supply on and ensure that everything is working impeccably. Everything ought to be turned out great assuming you do every one of the means impeccably. Remember to check assuming that there is any break. On the off chance that you find, seal it. Ensure that the reservoir is topping off and flushing appropriately.

Step 9 – Replacing the Flush Button

In the event that the entire framework is alright, then, at that point, connect the flush button. Append the button and push it a few times to ensure it’s working impeccably. It’s a straight forward system and a simple undertaking. Simply unscrew the nut at the back.  In case your button accompanies a cover, use it on the off chance that you like. You can without much of a stretch dispose of the cover assuming the button fits fine. At long last, cut the wire into the underside of the flush button, get the reservoir back on. Button is connected to the toilet system.  Now, close the cover.

Associate the toilet to the water supply. Test the toilet by flushing a multiple times, if everything functions smoothly.

Final Words

All things considered, note that our recommendation is direction just, as we can’t be expected to take responsibility for any harm caused, due to absence of mastery. In reality, we have examined the normal issues of the flush button issue. The vast majority of the flush button issues of the toilet can be fixed by following those means portrayed previously. Assuming you can’t distinguish the flush button replacement of your toilet, then, at that point, we’d prefer to prescribe a plumber to fix your flush button as in light of the fact that you might expand the difficulty in case you can’t recognize the issue by any means. It’s in every case better to work done by a plumber, who can furnish you with a full assurance on the work done.

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